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The legendary Gull Dang/Bullygullterr was created by Crossing Bully Kutta's and Gull Terr's. It shouldn't be confused with the other Pakistani breeds, from which it developed through.

Gull Dang/Bullygullterr pup (Mothi) with Henna on at 3 mths old

This agile breed is celebrated in Pakistan for its speed and tenacity. Smaller than most examples of the Bully Kutta, but much larger than the Gull Terr. Like many other breeds of the region, the Gull Dang/Bullygullterr is also often wrongly presented as a Bully Kutta in the West.

Mothi at 4 mths old

The Gull Dang/Bullygullterr is a muscular and powerful breed, strongly built and resilient. Deep-chested and with a massive head, this large dog is a rugged and serious working breed, very dog-aggressive and not suited for the life of an urban companion, due to its sharp temperament and wariness of strangers, although it can be very loyal and devoted to its master.


Intelligent and alert, the Gull Dang/Bullygullterr makes a good watchdog, but it requires responsible handling and proper training. The coat is short, smooth and flat. They are accepted in all colours. Average height is around 27 inches to 34 inches.