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There is some people that believe the Pakistani Bully Kutta was developed from the Sage Koochee, old Persian Alaunts, Afghani Gawi Bulldogs and Indian Mastiffs, others believe it is a result of crossing Great Danes, English Mastiffs and Bulldogs, as well as other Western breeds.

Bully Kutta pup at 3 mths old

During the colonnial times, some English Bull Terrier blood was introduced to some strains of the local breeds, this was done primarily to create new breeds, such as the Gull Terr and the Bully Kutta. Over the years, many other breeds have been created using both the original Bully Kutta and its descendants. Some of these newer breeds are the Kohati Bully Kutta, Nagi Bully Kutta, Gull Dang/Bullygullterr and the Pakistani Boarhound. Nowadays, all of these breeds are being incorrectly classified as one and the same, especially in the West, where the Bully Kutta is slowly becoming popular.

Bully Kutta: Kalanaag, courtesy of T.Yousaf (UNKC)

This great breed is still used today by criminal gangs for the ever cruel "sport" of dog fighting, which is illegal in Pakistan, the majority are pets or used as guard dogs. Although very intelligent, this is an extremely aggressive breed, said to be virtually untrainable and handled only by the most experienced enthusiasts. However, with proper socialization and appropriate training, the Bully Kutta can make an excellent companion for responsible and knowledgeable owners.

Kohati Bully Kutta: Jagga, courtesy of K.Zafar

The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a powerful mastiff, strongly-boned and muscular. Long-legged and wide-chested, this breed is an agile and resilient dog. The head is large, with a strong muzzle and well-developed jaws. A pure Bully Kutta is also known for its movement, which sets it apart from other Mastiff breeds. The coat is very short and smooth, commonly found in shades of white, fawn, red, brindle, black and various bicolours. The average height is around 32 inches to 42 inches.