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The Mastiff is a breed which will have great appeal to those in search of that rare combination of ideal family dog and extremely effective man-stopping guardian.

Statue of a Mastiff
in its ceromonial garb.

The Mastiff is an extraordinary dog, athletic and extremely agile in spite of its massive size. Appearing generally as a huge, very well built dog, it is most notable for its large head and broad chest.

FRANKY - a true specimen of this regal breed

When compared to other large dogs, the Mastiff is clearly a superior breed. They will maintain their excellent fitness with a minimal amount of space and exercise. The Mastiff will remain agile into their advanced years. They also live comparatively longer lives than dogs of there size and of other breeds.

As a guardian, the Mastiff is without equal. A natural-born fighter, it guards its territory (and its owners) with remarkable enthusiasm. It is important to stress that protection is inherent in the Mastiff, it is not a trait developed through training. Though a quiet guardian, at 150 pounds the Mastiff is an effective deterrent against any unwanted guest. The Mastiff is also extremely intelligent, clean and has a very stable temperament.

FRANKY guarding his home

The Mastiff will not display its territorial tendencies when not at home. While it is quick to show aggression towards another dog that is a threat, it is also a loyal pet and gentle with children. It cannot be provoked by a child's teasing or sudden movements. Though as is the case with all large breeds, your pet should be supervised to avoid accidents due to rough play. Overall, the Mastiff is a quiet, loyal pet, which with training will learn without heavy discipline.

T.D.K Mastiff - Franky at 18 mths old

He now stands at 32" to the shoulder